In compliance with the provisions of numeral 4.7 of NOM-247-SE-2021, and in accordance with article 58 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, in relation to articles 1, 4, 9 sections X, XIII, XXXV and other applicable articles of the Federal Law to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination, “CASAS DE CABO S. DE R.L. DE C.V.”, commercially known as “CENTURY 21 PARADISE PROPERTIES”, with address for the purpose of receiving any comments, complaints or suggestions in relation to the concepts described in this document at Boulevard Marina sin número, Colonia Centro, in the city of Cabo San Lucas, Municipality of Los Cabos, Estate of Baja California Sur, zip code 23450, with telephone number 624-143-1101 and email address ; by this means we inform you of the following :

In our establishment as a provider of goods, products or services to the general public, no preferences or discrimination are established with respect to service applicants, such as client selection, consumption conditioning, reservation of the right of admission, exclusion of people with disability and other similar practices, except for causes that affect the security or tranquility of the establishment, its clients or disabled people or are based on express provisions of other legal systems.

CENTURY 21 PARADISE PROPERTIES informs its clients that in no case does it apply or charge rates higher than those authorized or registered for the clientele in general, nor does it offer or apply discounts in a partial or discriminatory manner. Neither does it apply or charge extraordinary or compensatory fees to people with disabilities for their medical, orthopedic, technological, educational or sports equipment necessary for their personal use, including guide dogs in the case of the blind.

In this establishment, the principles of equality, dignity and human integrity are respected, for which the client receives treatment free of discrimination and with equal opportunities, without being able to deny or condition the attention or sale of a home, a product or a service for reasons of gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, disability or any other particularity under the terms of the applicable legislation.

CENTURY 21 PARADISE PROPERTIES is committed to providing facilities and support so that people with disabilities can use the goods, products or services offered here. Here, no conditions or limitations are established that reduce the rights that legally correspond to the disabled person as a consumer.

In the event that you have any comments, complaints or suggestions regarding the service provided at CENTURY 21 PARADISE PROPERTIES, we would appreciate it if you let us know through our “Comments, Complaints and Suggestions Box”, whether physical or digital, so that we can attend to them as soon as possible and help improve the quality of service offered in this establishment.

It is very important to us the respect for your rights to equality, dignity and human integrity, we are committed in helping to achieve an equitable, dignified and free of all discrimination society.