Maggie Woodward

Los Cabos Real Estate Professional


Maggie is a proud Mexican National who grew up in Los Cabos. She immigrated to the U.S.A. where she lived for 21 years. While living in the U.S., Maggie met and married her husband, Asen, and some years later they moved back to Maggie’s home town of Cabo San Lucas, where they now live and work.

Maggie has 22 years of experience with rentals in Cabo San Lucas including as a landlord. She is uniquely positioned to manage the rental of a newly purchased investment property so clients can leave their property with someone they already know and trust. Maggie’s years of experience in the Real Estate Rental Industry prepared her for her transition into Real Estate Sales 4 years ago.

Maggie is fluently bi-lingual in Spanish and English. She enjoys working with both Spanish speaking and English speaking Clients. She enjoys working with Sellers in both the Marketing and Sales of their Los Cabos property as well as Buyer Clients. Maggie believes it is all about Service to her Clients.

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