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Buying a Home in Los Cabos?

There has never been a better time to purchase your dream home in Los Cabos, one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury vacation home in an upscale community, a beachfront condo perfect for a weekend getaway, a fairway view villa on a world-class golf course, or a stylish residence with family-friendly amenities, our real estate agents are ready to help you find the right property for you.

Century 21 Paradise Properties Real Estate Experts

The Cabo Experience for Foreign Buyers

Cabo’s real estate market is just as lucrative for foreign buyers as it is for Mexicans. However, there are differences on a few aspects that you need to be familiar with. If done right, you can acquire full ownership rights and benefits over the property regardless of your nationality. Yet, there are a few things you need to be aware of beforehand:

The Mexican Restricted Zone

All the land within 30.5 miles of Mexico’s ocean coast line is, by the definition of Mexican Constitution, the restricted zone. Baja California Sur, including the Los Cabos municipality lies within that zone. Restricted zone is the area where foreign ownership is not recorded on a fee simple-basis. In fact, it is held within Mexican Trust through “Fideicomiso” i.e. using a Mexican bank as the trustee for the trust.


Fideicomiso is similar to Bank Trusts or Family Trusts in the United States. Fideicomiso has proven to be very helpful in effective estate planning not just for foreigners, but also the nationals in Mexico. Sit with one of our agents to get complete and comprehensive understanding of how it works and why it is important. Their knowledge of local laws, regulations, and real estate can prove extremely beneficial to your decision and overall experience of buying property in Cabo.

Unlocking Paradise

Your Guide to Buying a Home In Mexico

Navigating the property buying process involves numerous activities and complexities that may seem overwhelming without the guidance of a professional. An experienced agent well-versed in the market, criteria, and legalities can streamline the process, enhancing your chances of making the right decision. At Century 21 Paradise Properties, this is precisely what we excel at.

To begin, let us provide you with a comprehensive overview of the property buying process in Baja Sur.

The Prep Steps

1. Make a Wish List: Begin your exciting quest by exploring the vast array of real estate options available online. Create a wish list of properties that capture your heart and imagination.

2. Consult the Experts: Trustworthy advice is key. Get in touch with our knowledgeable agents to gain deeper insights into your preferred properties and the buying process in Mexico.

3. Explore On Ground: Nothing compares to experiencing the magic of Cabo in person. Visit this stunning paradise to witness the beauty of the region and immerse yourself in its vibrant culture.

Getting Ready to Take the Leap

4. Understanding the Purchase Process: The process of buying a home in Mexico is unique, and having our seasoned professionals by your side ensures that you navigate through each step with ease and confidence.

5. Due Diligence: Once you have found your dream property, our team will assist you in conducting thorough due diligence to ensure the title is clear and all legal aspects are in order.

6. Offer & Negotiation: With your heart set on the perfect property, we’ll help you make a competitive offer and expertly negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible deal.

Celebrating the Big Moment

7. Closing the Deal: As your excitement builds, we’ll assist in completing all necessary paperwork, including drafting the purchase agreement and coordinating with the closing attorney.

8. Ownership & Taxes: Our experts will guide you through the process of acquiring property as a foreigner in Mexico and address any tax implications that may arise.

9. Enjoy Your New Home: Congratulations, you’ve done it! You now own your dream home in Cabo, a haven where you can create lasting memories and indulge in the ultimate paradise lifestyle.

At Century 21 Paradise Properties, we are dedicated to turning your dreams into a reality.  With over 30 years of expertise in the real estate market of Los Cabos, we have earned a reputation as the trusted experts in the region. Our wealth of experience, in-depth knowledge, and unwavering commitment to our clients’ success sets us apart.

Trust in our team of professionals to guide you through every step and unlock the doors to your piece of paradise in beautiful Los Cabos.

Making Your Real Estate Dreams Come True

The First steps to Own Property In Cabo

1. Meet the Experts: Connect with our Cabo real estate experts to discuss your needs, budget, and technicalities like payment terms and total costs.

2. Take a Tour: Accompanied by your agent, visit the properties to ensure they meet your requirements, fit your budget, and are a worthwhile investment.

3. The Real Deal: Despite the price tag, we’ll help you make a fair offer and negotiate prices, terms, and conditions. This process may involve multiple meetings and counteroffers.

4. The Paperwork: We’ll guide you through preparing all the necessary paperwork and collecting and submitting information to the closing agent.

5. Closing Process: You’ll need to submit various documents and applications, including beneficiary forms, a foreign permit from the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, title search and draft by the Notario, trustee bank review of Trust (title document), certificates of no liens, certificates of no debt, and the final deposit of the balance of purchase funds and closing costs.

The closing process also involves scheduling trips to Cabo for Title signatures. Once the transfer of property possession and purchase funds are released, the formal recording process begins.

With over 30 years of experience, Century 21 Paradise Properties is your trusted partner throughout this exciting journey of owning property in Cabo.

Century 21 Paradise Properties Real Estate Experts

Finding the right home in los cabos

At Century 21 Paradise Properties, we understand that buying the ‘right’ home means finding the right building with the right amenities, at the right place, and in the right price. The definition varies from buyer to buyer, and we align you with a property that is ‘right’ for you. 

With our help you can grab your ‘right’ home quickly. Through our experience, expertise, and professional commitment to provide complete and reliable support, we are here to make your Los Cabos property buying experience the most value-yielding one. So head for the right start by submitting your contact information and we will get back to you along with the best Cabo property purchase experience created exclusively for your needs.

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